Progressive green event planning that blends style and taste with environmental responsibility. Because the best celebrations leave the smallest footprint. 

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Every effort can make a difference.

dkkevents, we strongly believe even the smallest effort can make the world a better place. We think considering the Earth in our actions is our responsibility as global citizens and it's one of our favorite things to do on our clients' behalf.

In fact, when dkkevents produced our first green experience in 2006, we were ahead of the trend. Today, we remain committed to being at the forefront of this progressive movement by producing the lowest-impact events possible.  The "green" in green event planning is still a relatively new idea and we are continually looking for ways to extend our commitment — from choosing plant-based cutlery that break down quickly, to sourcing organic produce grown within a 20-mile radius for our catering, to donating or recycling excess food and décor.  We’ve even begun a new endeavor we’re calling “Recenterpieces” that reimagines what one can mean when creating a centerpiece, utilizing re-useable objects and food that can later be donated to those in need rather than one-time-use disposable florals.  We’ve managed to keep our prices comparable with other event-planning companies, yet our products and services have a significantly reduced demand on the natural environment.


Being environmentally conscientious doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. We want you to relish in your fun and beautiful party, and smile knowing how earth-friendly it is.  Your event is sure to leave a lasting imprint in your guests’ memories, but a small footprint on the world.


Your event would look great in green. 

Imagine if your celebration were not only unforgettable but also left the world a little better in the process. At dkkevents, we’ve made it our specialty to create stylish and sustainable events that are as extraordinary as they are eco-friendly. As Los Angeles’ first green event-planning business, dkkevents has developed to examine all event facets in order to produce a best-case scenario for environmental impact, financial efficiency, and sophistication. We guarantee your celebration will be so fabulous that your guests won’t realize they’re leaving virtually no footprint.



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Your vision, passion and love was felt in every detail. I was so wowed when I walked into each room. The day was incredible. I'm still on a high. Love you! - Larry T.

The level of detail you created in all aspects of the event is uncanny. And in true dkk form...
- Mark L. 


I'm not sure what to say but we are one hell of a team- except you work harder than me!! Please thank your team as well. RAVE RAVE RAVE reviews!! seriously, i cant count how many people and not all my contemporaries, my aunts and uncles and cousins said it was by far the best Bar Mitzvah they had ever been to. I think the love was in the room, our l'dor va'dor theme came through in a big way. It just happened to be set in a fan- f-in tastically beautiful, creative, delicious perfect weather setting!! Sam said his friends LOVED the food- cereal bar was a huge hit. a great time had by all-- I mean a REALLY great time had by all THANK YOU!
- Lauren S.


Deborah, sent you a text last night saying how you outdid yourself.
The compliments have been rolling in all day.
- Ronit K.


Roneet and I were astounded.  You did an extraordinary job !!!!!!
- Ken K.

All – Here is the Vision Statement for your digital records. We have been doing an in depth rethinking of our Purpose, Mission, and Big Goals. Going back to 2012 when a “green” consultant, Deborah Kattler Kupetz, took an interest in us and  flew up from LA and met with our Board . . . .with lots of Skype calls before and after. This happened because John Valentino heard an interview with DKK “the leading green consultant of LA” on the radio and suggested I call her – he had to remind me a couple of times – but I did call her; a whirlwind of activity resulted in a more thorough sense of our strategic direction . Her mantra – everything you do (as an organization) must relate to a Big Goal – otherwise – do not do it. And for a venture to be worthy of being a Big Goal – it must have the potential of high visibility. And we should be ready to answer the questions “What do you do? “  and “what do you stand for?” in a compelling way. Thus the mantras “We create special places” and others which are included in the Vision Statement. We refine the Vision Statement at least  twice a year in an effort to keep our strategic direction clear.  Suspect your insights will generate further refinement! Thanks, Lee


- Lee Ayres

Tree Fresno


Your event would look great in green. 

Boost the meaning of your next celebration by throwing a Second Day Event. With dkkevents, affairs of any size can act as the framework for a second, philanthropically-minded occasion, reusing the first party's resources to help create one the following day. Second Day Events recycle the hard work and resources of your event, while spreading the joy to others.

Contact dkkevents to plan your main event and get paired with a cause that suits your unique sensibilities.

To learn more about Second Day Events - Check out the video below.

Deborah Kattler Kupetz

Deborah Kattler Kupetz is Los Angeles' foremost authority on green event planning, a career that sprung out of her combined passions for social action, environmentalism, and building community. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her out of a decade-long career in clothing manufacturing to found dkkevents, which produced more than 30 Earth-friendly events in its first year. Kattler Kupetz holds master's degrees in gerontology and social work from the University of Southern California and resides in Brentwood, California.

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brainstorms 20 min $50

event therapy 15 min $75/ 30 min $150/ 45 min $250


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