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The Hunger Games: Squirrel meat, anyone?

Recent box office smash The Hunger Games deals the genre of reality TV a youthful and dystopian punch. I found it so fascinating how the film spun together elements of fanaticism, glamour, pop culture, and medieval contest that I started envisioning ways to weave the world of the movie into an event. If you love the Hunger Games story and want to pay homage to the film with your next event, theres a way to do it that not only gives your guests something new and different but also allows you to support a worthy cause: bringing an end to hunger! Let the central voice of the event come from the cause, and all the Hunger Games themed stuff can flow from there. First step: pick an organization that takes real steps towards alleviating hunger in the world. MAZON is one example of an advocacy group that offers opportunities for community action and offers donation options if you decide to pair your event with their organization! Second step: go crazy. Play up the stylistic fantasy of the Capitol and the Districts as little or as much as you want at your event. Offer your guests the option to “dress to impress or be suppressed.” Get creative and create a flashy Capitol citizen look for yourself, complete with the paper lashes made by London based company Paperself- the lashes that were actually used in the film! Less artsy, but just as fancy, 100% natural eyelashes from Georgie’s Winks Collection, which includes dermatologist-tested, botanically-infused, formaldehype-paraben-phthalate-free adhesive. Hey, just because we’re going dystopian future doesn’t mean we can’t still be green. If your makeup to match the impact of your outfit, be sure to consult the Environmental Working Grouop’s Skin Deep cosmetic database for recommended beauty items, safe ingredient tips, and product health concern ratings. And, as any true lady knows, a girl is only as good as the wig she’s wearing: check out Manic Panic’s range of options, form glam and sassy to desperate and District 12. Either way, you’ll look stunning and your wig will let everyone know that you came to party, Hunger Games style. For the final touch, paint the town red! Actually- paint your nails red. Or any color you want. Hopscotch Kids is safe for the young ones and great for adults too. If you’re not into the hyper-glam world of the Capitol and would rather represent the home districts of the impoverished tributes, craft your outfit out of light colored garments and materials that are recycled, repurposed, or vintage. As for the actual party, serve up some “squirrel” tofu or meat kebabs (don’t worry- it won’t actually eb squirrel), toasted bread with an assortment of fresh dips, and some organic dessert berries (non-poisonous of course). For décor, bring a little of that District 12 heat to your event with Lumejere’s unique floating fire centerpieces. If Katniss is “the girl on fire” then your event will be “the party on fire!” Lastly, remember that your Hunger Games party is based on fiction, and the real meaning comes from the ethical conscience of your community in trying to help others less fortunate. The aim of the game is community action and change. “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

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