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From Soil to Skin, Plants Restore Health

Have we lost faith in our flowering plants? In the discovered texts of ancient cultures from China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India, there are illustrations and descriptions of many medicinal properties contained in oils and herbs. If you lived during the Middle Ages, you’d be ‘behind on the times’ without your own botanical garden. The 1800s rolled around, and science was practicing methods for synthesizing the healing properties of plants. Unfortunately, that has left us with the “Dirty Dozen” of toxic chemicals found in personal care products, which over time can cause incredibly more harm than the treatment they claim to provide.

Island Thyme is a skin care company creating beautiful, artisan soaps, creams, balms and herbal oils from the San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington state. Both locally grown and globally harvested, their natural ingredients honor a “deep respect for the healing properties of plants and plant extracts”. When it comes to treating dry skin, the aromatic relaxation of lavender oil, combined with the regenerative qualities of calendula and comfrey oils, is just what the holistic doctor ordered. If you take herbal healing potential to the next level, you’ll be pleased to unearth the Amazon Herb Company. Their work in cultivating precious wild vegetation is hand in hand with the indigenous Peruvian community. Sustainability is at their heart of harvesting, and also in the contributions they make to continuing traditional native practices and building self-sufficiency. There is much restorative health in the commercialization of natural goods, as long as wealth does not distract from this purpose…

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