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Mindful Mental Boost Must-Haves

Planning a big event and getting sidelined by the stress of all there is to do? The latest trends in mindfulness tell us that, “Being present becomes a way to handle any problem, any distraction, any stressor. It allows everything else to fade away, leaving only you and whatever you’re dealing with right now.” For reals?! We all know how social media, digital distractions, deadlines, relationships and self-care, make it seem impossible to interact with JUST ONE thing at a time. Take a deep breath. It IS possible. Reduce stress AND retrain your brain with Mindfulness Daily, an app developed with scientists, doctors, researchers, coaches and trainers to leverage digital technology as your personal support system for taking a quick 'pause' any time during the day! There is a fascinating connection between certain cognitive skills and maintaining emotional well-being, or a sense of calm in the face of stressful stimulus. As a leader in the science of brain training, Luminosity is a creative and fun way to boost memory, problem solving, and attention through games. Start your own calm and cognitive craze by having Luminosity training stations instead of the typical video games at your next party! RESOURCES: mindfulness - Mindfulness Daily - Luminosity -

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