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Origami Has Found Its Masters

Imagine a life size elephant folded (and folded and folded) from a single, extra-large sheet of paper! Your mind may blow to find out that origami is not (nor was it ever just) that archaic paper folding project that passed for Summer Camp fun. The Art of Paperfolding at Hangar-7 in Austria, was one of the “biggest exhibitions EVER in the two millennia history” of this unique art form. While a talented crew of 10 Origami Masters were featured at the exhibit, the brilliance of these artists is hosted by many self-appointed masters, who produce exceptional, sophisticated, complex sculptures and highly technical explorations! The lighthearted side of origami is alive and accessible for many an at-home event planner, if you have the patience and passion to craft it out. A master crafter demonstrates a strengthened and sharpened life tool of eros (love / passion), which for many of us is a challenge to cultivate. May you refill your creative power of eros by perusing these 3D-defying papercraft artists. May you feel charged up to tackle a papercraft adventure or two of your own, and delight your event going guests with the never-ending sense of wonder that only origami can generate! LINKS: life size elephant — The Art of Paperfolding — exceptional — sophisticated — complex — highly technical — craft it out — creative power of eros — papercraft artists —

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