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Holstee Designs: Gifts for the Here & Now

Holstee Designs: Gifts for the Here & Now Holstee is responding to the growing trend of mindful living by collaborating with artists to “bring inspiration and meaning to offices and homes across the globe” in the form of posters, cards and frames. In the eyes of Holstee, living mindfully has to do with an “awareness of our behavior and our choices, as well as the decision to participate in life, rather than simply observing or recording.” What I truly appreciate is how Holstee is bringing presence to what they preach, by way of an online collection board of stories from the Holstee community called MyLife. What struck me is how their thoughtful and passionate manifesto has gone beyond the role of creative commodity, and has heart-fully guided individuals to be more HERE AND NOW in their own lives! My life batteries get recharged by products and experiences that illicit empowered decision making, social participation, and joyful aliveness. Take a moment to reflect on an item OR event in your life, that has made you think deeply before acting and/or allowed you to feel truly alive in the moment. Please inspire us with your share... RESOURCES: posters, cards and frames - MyLife - manifesto - HERE AND NOW -

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