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Food Day: Let’s Get Cooking

Our physical wellbeing, whether overflowing or in a state of draught, has an inner reservoir for health. Welcome the inspiration to nourish yourself and teach children a lifelong healthy way of being! As a nationwide celebration and grassroots campaign for better food policies, Food Day is a year-long mission to help people EAT REAL, with October 24th as the focused day for healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food programs. Last year, all over America, activities to get kids cooking took place to ensure “kids are as familiar with vegetable peelers, cutting boards, and mixing bowls as they are with iPads, iPhones, and video games. Thousands of kids discovered a new vegetable, chopped their first salad, and made their first soup!” Jamie Oliver, a chef, spokesperson and creative activist on food education, has partnered with Food Day to 'Get Food Education in Every School'!! He has created simple educational lessons cards to ‘Learn Your Fruits and Vegetables,‘ which then inform a fun process of cooking! Change a child’s tomorrow when you sign your school up today!

RESOURCES: food Day - get kids cooking - ‘Get Food Education in Every School’ - fun process of cooking - sign your school up today -

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