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From Cup to Tree

If someone were to ask you“what are your consumption and waste habits?”, how would you respond? Maybe you’d look at your bank statements or take inventory of how much trash you put in your curbside bin. Reduce. Reuse. Grow is suggesting that you look into your daily routine of habits for hints on the impact you’re having on the environment. Let’s start with that morning, afternoon and/or evening coffee pick-me-up. “Each day, American’s consume 400 million cups of coffee, adding up to over 146 billion cups annually,” says RRG. It’s easy to assert personal responsibility through recycling your cup, however, after only 2-3 times of repurposing the materials in that cup to makes others, the fibers are so worn down that it ends up in the landfill anyway! When the reality is that a cup of joe on the go may not always involve a handy stash of clean car mugs, the world’s first plantable coffee cup hopes to make a dent to reduce daily waste and reforest local communities! The cup biodegrades in 80 days to produce annual flowers and a variety of native tree species once planted. Pledge to kick start this project into coffee shops EVERYWHERE! LINKS: Reduce. Reuse. Grow —

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