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The team behind Hero Hatchery has asked “hundreds of people this question: When you think of climate change, WHO pops into your head? By far the most popular answer has been: I have no idea.” Hero Hatchery was formed with the mission to “radically increase action on climate by elevating heroes of the movement, and reveal the hero in all of us.” After all, sailing into Russian waters aboard a Greenpeace ship to protest against oil exploitation in remote Arctic waters, become notorious dubbed the Arctic 30, and spend over 3 months in a St. Petersburg prison isn’t for everyone. Be bold! Unmask yourself and the steps you are taking to shift power NOW for a climate safe future, by answering the question, “What was an ‘a-ha’ moment that made you a Climate Hero?” Fuel your sustainability superpowers by tuning into Hero Hatchery’s weekly Massive Open Online Trainings (MOOT), featuring their sponsored fellow, activists, students, thinkers, policy makers and the world's most effective agents of change. To amplify our voices in the climate movement youth MUST get involved. Enter hero Kelsey Juliana, a 17 year-old who filed a lawsuit “against Governor Kitzhaber and the State of Oregon for failing to protect essential natural resources, including state waters, coast lines and the atmosphere as required under the Public Trust Doctrine.” That’s one way to keep our political officers focused on what truly matters... Another is a teen expedition into the real world to notice which issues set ones heart on fire, and lead to empowered action!

RESOURCES: Hero Hatchery - “Arctic 30” - shift power - Climate Hero - Massive Open Online Trainings (MOOT) - filed a lawsuit - teen expedition -

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