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Imagine your body as the canvas, your mind as the brush, and the fabric is your paint. When it comes time to reevaluate your wardrobe, a little creativity can be key (and I don’t mean figuring out how fit more in your closet). I recently took a pass at cleaning out my old looks and realized there were items I had barely worn, and others I had nearly worn out, but neither I could let go. Swap-o-rama-rama is a clever community clothing swap that encourages creating new, kaleidoscope styles. These do-it-yourself fashion events supply trained seamstress volunteers, eager to help amateur designers puzzle together avant-garde garment ideas. At the end of the swap, old articles of clothing have become ready-to-wear masterpieces, enthusiastic for another go on the town. T-shirt screen-printing has always fascinated me, and it literally relies on paint to express a design. You create a large stencil from a digital image and then transfer that picture by filling in the empty space with paint – you ARE the canvas for your art! The best thing about this method of fashion design is that each creation is unique. You decide the message that you will display to the public. For Screen Ink and Yo! What Happened to Peace, the art challenges onlookers to engage with the message. Commercial t-shirt printers are beginning to infuse meaning directly into their products. Conscious consumers will appreciate companies like T.S. Designs who offers eco-friendly t-shirt printing: from a solar powered facility to their ‘ENHANCE’ water based dying process. If fabric ever becomes obsolete, don’t fret I’m sure the world’s supply of duct tape will appeal to a fashionista or two. This is just the beginning of home improvement supplies pushing the envelope on their number of uses…

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