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SmartWatches: Is It Time for a New Look?

Leave it to our time and technology centric society to figure out a way to produce watches that make portable music players seem like an ancient perk. Redesigned smart phone technology is already on the market as wearable accessories, and so much more. Nearly a handful of mini-computers masquerading as watches are available if it’s time to upgrade your old ticker. Within the tech community, buzz is abound regarding Apple’s top-secret iWatch, which is rumored to release anywhere from the first half of 2013 to sometime in 2014. With such alleged features as wireless charging, sensors for sports and health, and a waterproof construction, is it possible that this will become a sensational fashion statement for all ages? The Samsung Galaxy Altius Smartwatch is also joining the ranks of futuristic wrist-wear with a similar built in operating system. If these aren’t classy enough, Toshiba’s Smartwatch is theft proof as it is said to recognize it’s owner’s unique pulse pattern, disabling all functionality when it recognizes a different pulse. It’s obvious that our species has long surpassed the land before time, but it also seems increasingly more difficult to find time away from technology. On the one hand, I can see how spectacular it would be to go hiking and not have to carry a phone, know the exact distance I travel, my heart-rate, and whether urgent business matters are being emailed my way. But on the other hand, confidently rocking a bare wrist says, “I have time to take a break”. LINKS wearable accessories – iWatch – Samsung Galaxy Altius Smartwatch –’s-iwatch Toshiba’s Smartwatch –

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