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Immerse Yourself in Refreshing Water Cooperation

It may seem silly to say, but “water cooperation” is a green trend that was made explicit by the United Nations General Assembly at their January 2013 Zaragoza International Annual UN-Water Conference in Spain. When “more than half of the world’s population depends daily upon water resources shared by more than one country, (INBO 2012)” this global strategy for teamwork is well warranted. “The 2013 International Year and World Water Day will therefore attempt to build a consensus around the understanding of water cooperation and needed actions.” Hooray for banding together for a better future! It is the aim of UN-Water to synthesize the needs of both the individual and collective towards the recognition of “water as an instrument of peace,” and “strengthen the coordination and coherence of UN entities to deal with issues related to all aspects of freshwater and sanitation, including water scarcity, pollution, transboundary waters, capacity building, climate change, and disaster risk management.” The preciousness of our water supply can no longer be ones of those things only hippies know...please examine the ways you use water at home, and help bring awareness and action around the value of water cooperation at the local, national and international scale! Eager to dive into deeper waters of understanding? Read parts of the Summary Report from the 2013 Zaragoza International Annual UN-Water Conference and learn from 18 case studies on how effective cooperation can be achieved and what are the difficulties being encountered. LINKS awareness and action - Summary Report -

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