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BLOG: Grow Closer With Planting Parties

Soil enrichment and botanical companies have gotten creative about ways to branch out into the community with planting parties. Sure enough, these events are laying down roots beyond the dirt! At The Juicy Leaf on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, CA, employee mixers and team building exercises mean sipping on a juicy martini while arranging a mini garden of succulents. These co-created projects then provide greenery for their lobby or break room, along with closer relationships to one another AND our Earthly elements. dkkevents is always interested in celebrations with depth of purpose, and planting parties dare to ask, “are you ready to dig a little deeper in your life?” City Blossoms in Washington, D.C. is a non-profit dedicated to “kid-driven, community engaging, creative green spaces” that cultivate an understanding and appreciation for plants, organic food and ecological awareness at a young age.

Families gather to build gardens in their neighborhood or school, and because plants aren’t picky about their home, garage sale worthy items can quickly turn into trendy plant holders. I love how planting parties can dress up the idyllic childhood activity of playing in the dirt! The theme of planting has a range of appeal and decorative potential to captivate both young and old, plus high and low end audiences. RESOURCES The Juicy Leaf - City Blossoms - theme of planting -

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