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Human Energy: Exercise AND Make a Smoothie!

My joyful discovery of the interactive traveling exhibit Environmentaland has me wondering, is there a new candidate in the running for the ‘happiest place on Earth’? It may be cultural blasphemy to even suggest this…after all the screams of a thrilling descent down Matterhorn Mountain are more exciting than the shrieks over a catastrophic shortage of fossil fuel. However, the theme of this innovative ‘park’ is incredibly important: through education and understanding we celebrate living for our future. Since 2002, the non-profit organization, Global InHeritance is that has been uniting “arts, technology and accessibility” with sustainable practices. Examples of this include Environmentaland, the Energy FACTory, and many other installations, workshops and/or demonstrations that bring excitement to the discussion of reducing fossil fuel consumption in lieu of “wind, solar, kinetic, bio-diesel and other types of energy”. This human energy revolution is certainly a “reinvention of activism”. Tour de Energy Bikes was a popular attraction and highlight this year at the Coachella Music Festival. The kinetic human energy of pedaling a stationary bike gets converted into electricity for powering anything from blenders to flat screen TVs to festival goers’ cell phones! Hyper young adults were even the force behind powering guest DJ Mixers music equipment! If your guests should become tired, there’s still hope, as the enormous energy source that lights our days, will keep the party pumping long into the night…

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