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Developing Cancer Drugs, One-On-One?

Founder of the Pink Army Cooperative, Andrew Hessel, imagined the day when pharmaceutical companies would create medications to address each person individually; unlike the current practice of “1 drug for 1 million people”. Thanks to Andrew, that reality is now. The company is an open source, biotech ‘Pharma’ setting out to treat (and hopefully cure) cancer through a personalized approach to research and development. Pretty genius if you ask me. The Pink Army Cooperative says “It’s time for a revolution”. They seek to correct the problem of disconnect between cancer treatment developers and patients. On so many levels, this company brings to surface the need for a different approach towards disease – one that realizes YOU are a key to your cure. In the market of Complimentary or Alternative Medicine (the yang to our yin of Allopathic aka Western Medicine), wellness practitioners prescribe natural products and mind-body treatments to remedy poor health and disease. If you are curious about how addressing your body, mind, and spirit can lead to optimal health, check out the American Holistic Medical Association. They even have a handy directory that helps you find practitioners in your area. Become your own cooperative in favor of healthy living!

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