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Get Creative With Your Food

Just as every piece of food is life, capable of giving life, there are chefs who seem to have the gift of bringing food to life. Fallen fruit engages people in the cultivation of local treats, but food preparation sparks another kind of interactive interest in what we eat. EATALY’s veteran “Vegetable Butcher”, Jennifer Rubell, is illuminating the appeal of everyday (and some extraordinary) vegetables by easing the chore of slicing and dicing. Customers of this New York Italian deli-market extravaganza are treated to her expertise food prep free of charge, along with a hearty side of culinary know-how. Jennifer suggests new eats and ways to prepare and combine seasonal harvests. What a great addition to any catered event! Who knew a specialist in the art of chopping could add excitement to your mundane gourds and root vegetables? Not to mention make dinner less daring for your fingers… Fruit and veggies have many reasons to be appreciated, apart from their nutritional value. Does food taste better when it looks better? As a visual person, it’s not only the senses of taste and smell that I look for in my meal. Appearance is another facet to nutritional content, and some artists are taking a stab at making fruits and vegetables the topics of dining conversation. There is a unique profession and discipline to making Veggie Art, and it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen at your neighborhood potluck. It’s disputable whether these stunning creations are wasteful displays or renewing interest in our natural foods. I think this lighthearted spin on playing with your food is a small relief from the heartbreaking reality of food shortage experienced by many around the world.

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