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Attitude of Gratitude: Party Planning with a Purpose (part 1)

By now your Halloween costume has hit the junk spot of the closet (or hopefully Goodwill), and you geared up for the circuit of familial Thanksgiving feasts, are now prepping to show face in style at those weekly Holiday parties, and before you know it, New Year’s Eve spectacles galore! Whoa- wait, breathe. In all these extravagant displays, do you feel like there’s something missing? Fun does not need to travel alone. Celebration is a wonderful tool for uniting communities and resources for a worthy cause. If you can think of a single needy population or charitable mission, there are many ways to bring purpose to your party. Choose an organization to rally behind. Begin brainstorming creative ways to package the opportunities for guests to collaborate with you on meeting clearly identified objectives: raising money, collecting gently used items, volunteering. Whatever your goals, communicate them to your guests in a way that highlights the joy (and impact!) their participation will have on the selected group. Do not make fundraising the reason for your party, or a prerequisite for attending. Getting together and connecting with friends is a great reason! Expanding our connection and wishes of good will towards our global neighbors (and species) is icing on the cake. Therefore, imagination and tact are key to your charitable success. Phrases like “get to know…” or “leave a legacy of compassion” or “help fulfill specific needs”, are ways to invite humanitarian delight while reducing donor drag. Stay tuned for more thoughtful tips…

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