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Attitude of Gratitude: Party Planning with a Purpose (part 2)

You’re hosting a party and have found a clever way to mix in that charitable cause you love. On behalf of your soon to be honored organization, thank you!! The next important piece of getting down to giving is planning ways to ‘show off’ the population and charity to your guests. Think informational marketing, with style and class. Some 21st century ideas for displaying those facts worth feasting on: digital slideshow projections, electronic photo frames, and QR (quick response) or Ezcode (that directs cellphone users to the organization’s ‘fact sheet’). Don’t be afraid to be innovative, just keep it simple enough that those less technologically advanced (or a few apple rum ciders in) can figure it out. Look for ways that you can ‘sneak’ information in unconventional ways, using routine party supplies. For example: tie factoids to wine glasses, stamp messages (with non-toxic ink) onto napkins or recycled paper plates, and give ‘take home treats’ with online donation links. Often times the charity or foundation you’re benefitting will have some marketing materials (flyers, pamphlets, etc.) available for distributing to your audience, don’t be shy about checking in with them. Teamwork is your friend; get a group together, share the responsibilities, and HAVE FUN!

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