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Attitude of Gratitude: Party Planning with a Purpose (part 3)

Okay, so your guests are now intrigued and touched by the story of your non-profit. It’s important that a variety of ways to support the cause be readily available, while interest is peeked. Exciting and interactive should be the theme of your: volunteer sign-ups, donations, and involvement. Consider an advent calendar for a quick layout of choices, an ipad (with helper) to collect sign-ups, a portable SquareUp credit card swiper; maybe even some carnival style donation games?! Instant gratification is real. However, you don’t have to endorse the cry for personal reward, merely respond to the request for positive recognition. Simple ‘prizes’ can be given out to thank people for donating, plus initiate conversation among guests. For example: stickers with phrases such as “Ask me how I create hope” or “Inspiring inspiration” or “Counting my blessing”; or design your own jigsaw puzzle and challenge party goers to collect enough pieces to reveal the image (donation = puzzle piece), or distribute raffle tickets towards winning a prize – after all, it’s still a party right?

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