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A Birthday Tradition: Homemade Candles

Your birthday is like your own personal holiday, so take that opportunity to create new traditions that make it unique, for yourself and others. Setting the mood on your big day is as important as the attitude you have about gaining one more year in human ripeness. Whether it’s cake with the person who spends birthday after birthday with you…a dinner party with close friends…or a cozy evening with a movie or book, a beautiful handmade candle to burn and blow out each year will create a memorable birthday-holiday tradition. See how this birthday ritual can be a secret gift to yourself, AND the perfect birthday party activity to do with friends. Everyone will get their own goodie bag to take home…plus an adopted birthday tradition too. Homemade Birthday Candle Making Party

  • CHOOSE YOUR WAX: Beeswax and Soy Wax are among the most non-toxic and environmentally sound material for candles.

BEESWAX - naturally sweet - virtually smokeless - slow burning candle - lead-free wicks - DIY: thin beeswax candles SOYWAX - inexpensive - has natural oils that mix well with scents - rarely has air bubbles - lead-free wicks - DIY: mason jar gifts

  • CHOOSE YOUR MARKET: When buying soy candles check local markets for locally produced candles because the U.S. is the largest producer (and consumer) of soybeans. Next check out sustainable online suppliers like Mountain Rose Herbs, a zero waste company based in Oregon, who produces clean burning soy and beeswax candles in various shapes. Soy candles are also available through Pacifica, a company that creates its own essential and natural oil fragrance blends.

  • INSTRUCTIONS: There are some great online Do-It-Yourself guides, with idyllic photo galleries and videos, that walk you through your soy mason jar candle or beeswax candle making. Remember to seek out the most non-toxic wax flakes and pure essential oils before your beautiful project begins.

LINKS Mountain Rose Herbs – Pacifica – DIY Beeswax – mason jar candles – making beeswax candles –

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