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A Party, 1000 Leagues Ahead of Its Time

Whether you’re braving the next big rain storm, swimming laps for cardio health, or texting too close to the toilet, water damage to your beloved smart phone is soon to be a thing of the past! Then imagine a summer “Under the Sea” party with underwater music listening stations… I’m not talking a Hulk sized Otterboxes to keep watery elements at bay, although here are some slim and chic options from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, that will lead you search out an alternative use for your lunch box of a phone case…I’m talking a futuristic under water party, this is all to real these days thanks to technology. ZAGG has enthusiastically created HZO, a water blocking technology that applies a nano-film barrier directly to the inside of electronic gadgets. The company has previewed this cutting-edge capability at tech conferences by repeatedly dunking Apple, Motorola, and Samsung phones into tanks of water. Forget the practical applications, just think how much fun your next company party would be if you could bob for that iPhone 5 you’ve been eye-balling. By the time you figure out how waterproof headphones even work, you’ll probably find them in stores since mentions ZAGG is “in the process of signing up a major smartphone partner and a headphones maker in the very near future.” Another dynamic to light up your guests’ eyes and make a real splash at your next backyard soiree, is with eco-friendly backyard lighting by solar charged lamps. You’ll draw quite a crowd with an inventive “Life of Pi” or “Stranded on a Living Island” theme parties, made more stunning with waterproof, collapsible Luci lamps by MPowerd, which uses “10 LED lights to brighten a space of up to 15 square feet, producing six to 12 hours of light after being charged in direct or indirect sunlight for four to six hours.” An added value to featuring a product like this is the immediate opportunity for an attention worthy cause! The Luci lamp was constructed to have a remarkable effect upon “the huge need in the world to eradicate energy poverty.” SO GREAT! LINKS slim and chic options from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show – repeatedly dunking Apple, Motorola, and Samsun phones into tanks of water – solar charged lamps –,0,983018.story

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