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Emphasize Meaning this 2014

3 ways to make 2014 more meaningful to you & your family

Time Capsule Time refreshes, renews and reminds us of our own evolving nature. A time capsule (#5) is a creative memory making practice that encourages personal reflection, a positive relationship to change, and a healthy dose of nostalgia, when the capsule is opened a year later...SO much can happen in a year!

Resolutions Writing out resolutions is like putting a pause between 2013 and 2014 - a mindful moment to survey your life with kindness, and set the bar a little higher, for your own well being and happiness. Teach yourself and children the valuable difference between goals and resolutions, then make an inspired declaration to yourself (and family), to unleash the magical possibilities for the New Year!

Everyday Green During this 2014, infuse everyday, ordinary things with a little green! A postcarden is postcard meets mini garden, bringing pop-up inspired messages and edible arrangements to new life!

RESOURCES: family made time capsule (#5) - valuable difference between goals and resolutions - declaration to yourself - infuse everyday, ordinary things with a little green - postcarden -

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