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Styled for Sustainability

Quality threads and sophisticated crafts(wo)manship really light me up! My eye for event decor is definitely inspired by the world and wonder of fashion, and producing an event with some of these designer dames would be a dream come true.

Amber Valletta’s Master & Muse Winter 2013 collection “bridges the gap between cutting-edge fashion and mindful manufacturing.” Yes, please! A friend and past client, Elizabeth Faraut is the creator of La Loop, an ingenious accessory and solution to the age old annoyance of losing eyeglasses. A classy go-to gift for my clients and friends, I love sharing such an intuitive design that also sources recycled materials for some of its products.

While I wistfully wish all garments could be environmentally sound, my heart raced at the sight of Jenni Kayne’s “quiet glamour...with a colorful, California twist” (pictured left). Her signature, “minimalist-cool” suits for the chic L.A. mom, play up a balance of masculine and feminine, and important facet to reclaiming our whole-selves. Valletta, elegantly captures what Kayne, Faraut, Kayne, and many designers on exclusive e-store Yoox command with their timeless and creative style - “that substance and style do not have to be mutually exclusive.”

RESOURCES: Master & Muse - La Loop - Jenni Kayne - Yoox -

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